Craft Beer Battered Seafood

Introducing ALL NEW signature Craft Beer Battered™ Shrimp & Pollock to go with our current Craft Beer Battered™ Cod. Discover the keys to success by offering a consistent product at a fair price. We also have all new recipes featuring a Cali Fish Burrito and Shrimp Sliders. Download our brochure for more information on Craft Beer Battered™ Seafood.

Craft Beer Battered™ Pollock

MSC Certified pollock is sourced from Alaskan waters, the most sustainable fishery in the world. Each fillet is coated in a handcrafted signature batter featuring Samuel Adams Boston Lager® craft beer.

Craft Beer Battered™ Shrimp

Plump, tail-off shrimp coated with a crisp, savory batter made with premium Samuel Adams Boston Lager®* deliver a unique flavor with a homemade appearance that adds value to any menu part.

Craft Beer Battered™ Cod

We hand-fillet 100% natural, chemical free, whole muscle cod and coat them with a crisp, thick batter featuring Samuel Adams® Boston Lager. Available in 2, 3 and 4 oz portion sizes.

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