Cod Fry Pie

Delight in the Irresistible Delicacy of our Cod Fry Pie, where Crispy Cod takes center stage, accompanied by a Symphony of Sensational Flavors.

Honey Butter Biscuit Flounder

Our flaky, mild-tasting, MSC certified flounder complements the honey butter biscuit coating for a delicious new fan favorite.

Hawaiian Shrimp Tacos

If you’re not located on a Hawaiian beach, this is the next best thing. Serve this healthy, tropical fruit salsa with Mrs. Friday’s® great-tasting Cracker Jack® Popcorn Shrimp. You can add some fusion fun by serving it on soft taco shells. It’s beautiful.

Alaskan Pollock Sandwich

Superior quality single frozen MSC certified Alaskan pollock delivers a delicate taste and a consistent portion size. Easy prep in oven, fryer, or rapid cook ovens.

Lobster Salad Sensations®

Specially formulated salad blend of lobster, premium seafood, dressing, celery and spices. This product is perfect for a traditional lobster roll or easy to serve as a salad.

Lobster Salad Sensations® Roll

Our all new specially formulated salad blend is easy to scoop, serve and eat. Try it in a traditional Lobster Roll or easy to serve as a salad.

Lobster & Seafood Mac n Cheese

This up scaled comfort food favorite is perfect to make in larger quantities, and then divide into dinner portions for pickup. Easy for customer to heat & enjoy!

Mrs. Friday’s® Craft Beer Battered™ Pollock

MSC Certified pollock is sourced from Alaskan waters, the most sustainable fishery in the world. Each hand-cut fillet is coated in a handcrafted signature batter made with Samuel Adams Boston Lager® .


Step right up and sea the big show with National Seafood Month’s Flavor Fair. Everyone’s favorite fair food meets seafood. Our Lobster Sensations® is mixed into funnel cake batter and deep fried. Yum!

Mrs. Friday’s® Craft Beer Battered™ Cod

Looking for a menu item that cuts labor costs? Try our new Mrs. Friday’s® Craft Beer Battered™ Cod. White, flaky, tender fillets that are sustainably sourced and coated in a handcrafted authentic batter. Guests are sure to love the craft beer taste, and you will love the reduced labor costs and consistent appearance.