Crispy Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad

Crispy Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad

International flavors combine with crunchy textures for a ultra flavor filled dish. Finished with toasted sesame dressing and shrimp tossed in sweet thai chili are just a few flavors that add a punch in this recipe.

Menu Part

Entrees, Soup & Salad


8eachSauce Ready Tail-Off Shrimp 44/62 ct. (Item# 057364)
1ouncesweet thai chili sauce
2ouncesrice noodle, cooked & cooled
1ouncenapa cabbage, chiffonade
1/2ouncecarrots, julienned
1/2ouncebean sprouts
1/4ouncesnow peas, blanched & shocked
1/4ouncebermuda onions, julienned
1/4ouncebell pepper, red, julienned
2eachwonton wraps, julienned, fried crispy


  1. Cook and cool the rice noodles.
  2. Toss all ingredients except for the shrimp and wonton wrappers in the toasted sesame dressing and arrange on a plate.
  3. Toss the sauce ready shrimp in the sweet Thai chili sauce and arrange on top of the salad.
  4. Garnish with the crispy wonton strips.

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