Tavern Battered® Cod Breakfast Bowl

Menu Part


1 Each Tavern Battered® Cod Fillets 2-3 oz. (Item# 070053)
2 Each Eggs, Large, Cooked to Desired Specification
1 Cup Potatoes, Diced, Blanched
1/8 Cup Bacon, Slab, Diced
1/8 Cup Onions, Diced
1/8 Cup Bell peppers, Diced
1 Teaspoon Thyme, Fresh
To Taste Salt
To Taste Pepper


  1. Make the hash by sauteing the bacon, then add the potatoes, onions and peppers till golden.
  2. Add the fresh thyme and salt and pepper to taste.
  3. Arrange the hash on a plate and top with eggs and the Tavern Battered Cod.

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